How to Predict Whether Your Marriage Will Pass the Test of Time

As a couple begins to live together as a husband and wife, they can only hope that they will beat the tempests of live and be proverbially said to live happily ever after. Whether your marriage began with a colorful wedding ceremony or evolved as a “come we stay” arrangement, your goal is one – to live ultimately happy in marriage.

But will you? Will your relationship be happy ever after? Will you overcome the tests of time? Will you beat the dreaded middle life crisis? These are definitely the more questions than answers always lingering in the minds of many couples. Well, you might want to take a digest on a recent survey predicting that the level of conflict in any relationship is a determining factor for direction a relationship is likely to take for the rest of a couples’ life.

Over 2000 married men and women presented their views to professors of selected American universities. The findings for the research done for a period of over 20 years of marriage found that the level of conflict remains unchanged in most of relationships. This may therefore be a way to determine whether you’ll quit your relationship along the course, whether you’ll endure in your current relationship or whether you’ll live to fight even in your eighties.

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