How to move your relationship from indecision

You have been dating for sometime, have had fun together, with lows and highs in your friendship, but you are now feeling stuck. You are deeply cast into a valley of indecision. He is not proposing and time is moving fast. Or you can’t predict whether she is really for you, feeling hesitant to propose to her. This is a dark valley of relationship indecision. But the following tips can help you to unlock the stalemate and move forward with your girl friend or boyfriend.

Stop and plan.
You need to have a relationship route map. Failing to plan is to generously invite failure. There could be mistakes you have made so far. Use this time to make resolutions. May be you have not been giving your relationship the best of time. Create some time for just two of you to bring things back to course. Your relationship is important to both of you.

Ask him or her tough questions
You need to evaluate your relationship critically by asking your boyfriend or girlfriend tough questions and at the same time expecting hard answers. Seize the opportunity. Opportunities are best seized by their beards – because they are bald behind. Pretense should have no place in a serious relationship. Be honest with your boyfriend or your girlfriend so that you don’t waste time for each other.

Plan about your future
If both of you feel excited about your future together you are likely to pursue the same goals. Couples who share goals in life have less problems in marriage. Excitement about your future together is also a good sign that you are likely to make serious commitments, like a proposal with one of the most romantic engagement ever heard.

Learn to forgive.
The best way to care for friendship is by accommodating each other’s inconsistency. No one is perfect. In fact if you expect your partner to be perfect, try to become perfect first and you’ll learn it’s not easy. Perhaps this will help you to forgive your partner and accept him or her without expecting them to be totally flawless. Many relationships are destroyed by hoarding resentments and lack of resilience to withstand tough times. If it’s something you can live with, give him or her a chance to prove what he or she is worth. And when you are forgiven show him or her appreciation with a great appeasing gift and a romantic hug to crown your reunion.

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