How To Make Long Distance Relationships work

Long distance relationships otherwise known as LDRs are intimate relationships whereby partners are separated by different locations. Statistics from Center of Study of Long Distance Relationships show that an estimate of 2.9% of U.S marriages are long distance, whereas 4-4.5m college students in the U.S are in romantic long distance relationships. There are a number of factors that lead to occurrence of long distance relationships. For college students this may occur where both couples attend college or university in different localities. Semester breaks or vacations taken in different hometowns may also lead to long distance relationships.

Others include distant jobs where you and your partner work in different towns, cities or countries. A number of people think that long distance relationships never work. But they do, and the key to their success is compatibility as opposed to proximity. Cases of break-ups are minimal where compatibility is the main key showing that most romantic relationships are more focused on emotional and psychological aspect as opposed to physical.

There are several positive attributes of long distance relationships. For instance you get to know your partner better. Unlike in other relationships, you concentrate in learning his or her inner world, hobbies, likes, dislikes and emotions and which are some of the key factors for a good relationship. Meetings between you and your partner after a long period of physical absence are quite immense and passionate, strengthening your mutual emotional ties.

People in close physical contacts always tend to grow tired of being with and seeing their partner all the time, which may eventually lead to boredom, strained relationships and even break-ups. In addition arguments and quarrels especially over habits and insignificant matters are greatly reduced. The long distance relationship itself is a positive attribute. No matter the distance between you and your spouse, you are happy to be in love and you enjoy being in it.

However, there are several negative aspects of a long distance relationship, the worse being lack of physical contact between you and the person you love and cherish. This distance may lead to frustrations and argument between you rendering the relationship unsatisfying. Cheating of one or both parties is very common in long distance relationships. This occurs where one falls victim of sexual needs, hence opting to cheat with consolation that the other partner will not learn of it as he or she is away.

How do I make a long distance relationship work?

There are several measures that you can observe to ensure a healthy and tight relationship between you and your long distance partner. Consider communicating frequently through video chats, emails, phone calls or texts. You can also do things together such as watching the same movie or T.V show – streamed simultaneously. Talking about your future plans, successes and tragedies helps develop concern for each other. Develop mutual trust. Avoid suspicions and jealousy which may lead to insecurity. Finally, visit each other frequently as this helps strengthen physical ties between you and your partner.


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