How to make a marriage work and best tips to stop a divorce.

We all welcome the most recent news that divorce rate has slowed down as quoted from the latest study.

However divorce and separations are still significant threats to many families around the world. While some of the issues leading to divorce or separations may appear complicated, there are numerous ways couples can pro-actively work together to fight this monster. The tips suggested here can be of great help to save a marriage from plunging into divorce or separation .

Refuse to adopt divorce as an option. It involves mutual commitment to do whatever it takes to save a relationship from a divorce or a separation. It’s your relationship. You want to live happily together as a family, without causing stress and confusion to your children – offering them a legacy they can emulate in their own relationships.

Admit when there is a problem. Don’t bury your head in the sand or sweep matters under the carpet, when there are obvious wrongs or pain in your relationship. Admit whenever there is any inconsistency, to provide room for resolutions. You can’t resolve a fault that you can’t admit that it exists.

Revise and focus on your goals. There is no achievement without first having clearly outlined goals. Don’t be tired to regularly meet to revise your purpose for living together as a couple and a family.

Style up your communication. We live in the age, when people have substituted the quality time to communicate with giving audience to television, computers , radios and other gadgets, or hiding in a book or a newspaper. You need to get to a level of being highly sensitive to communication. There is no harm in missing a TV program or putting the paper aside to save your marriage. Your spouse is more important than your car, TV, friends or any other business. Give him or her quality time and let the rest come later.

Act selflessly towards each other’s needs. The best way to live together happily is to make the other partner feel honored by giving priority to their needs without any reservation or expectations. They will automatically respond with the same gesture.

Consider seeking third party help. If you have done all that you could and things seem to be getting worse, you may seek help from a person that both of you respect. It may be your local church minister, counselor or a friend. Avoid involving a relative because he or she is likely to take sides or may be thought to do so by either of you.

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