How to Know When a Guy is About to Propose

Single women are always eager to know whether the numerous dates and treats by their boyfriends are one day likely to translate into marriage. And guys can be confusing. Today he appears like he’s just about to pop up the question and the other day he seems like he’s never contemplated marriage. Here are some top ideas to help you bet that he will be proposing to you soon.

He is happy with his current job

Most level-minded men have to first be in a stable employment before thinking of settling down. Unless you are dating a joker, and there are so many of them, you can tell that your guy is on his way to ask for your hand in marriage soon, if he speaks well about his job. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in a formal employment or he’s self-employed. The bottom line is that he is in a secure job and he’s drawing some good income. If for the last couple of years he’s been laughing all the way to the bank, he might soon be laughing with you down the aisle.

He has moved to his own house

A guy who’s on his way to settle down in marriage will be keen to have his own house. And he is particular on the size. He has chosen a bigger home, unlike most of the bachelors who fancy in small confined rooms. Whether a rented or an owned quarter, the idea behind it is that he shows the signs to quit being a bachelor. Don’t be surprised to see him soon go down on one of his knees proposing to you.

He is enjoying the company of married men

If you notice that your boyfriend is beginning to like the company of married men, then you don’t need more riddles that he’s trying to get familiar with life in marriage. He wants to pick a lesson or two as he gets ready for the life ahead.

He is lately giving good attention to kids

Another good sign for a guy who’s just about to propose. He appreciates children and children like him too, sometimes playing around with him. He’s is passionate for a family. He yearns to hold his own kids. He is being initiated psychologically to become a father.

He has began to discuss the future with you

Yes! You may not have to wait for too long from now. By this time, you may be having the butterflies all over your belly, for he is just about. And I see you saying “I do”. If you like him, and you have almost all the green lights for him as the man of your dreams, then get ready. Remember no one is perfect. But we are all being perfected daily.

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