How to know if you are dating him or her for wrong reasons

There are numerous reasons why people find themselves dating certain persons. Some are great but others are rather strange. These are some of the reasons that you should not base your relationship upon.

  • Social anxiety

Bowing to pressure of the society or family. Some parents would wish that their sons or daughters married a certain class of people. They may be particular on the race, nationality, clan, career or religion, just to mention a few. While social pressure may have some logic, especially when those you regard initiate it, it’s wrong to start a relationship intended for marriage without your personal reflections.

  • Empathy

It is true that a number of people find themselves dating and developing relationships with people they have deep, emotional feelings for. However, it’s still not an adequate reason to build a meaningful relationship. Someone may be in a situation deserving pity today and in a quite different state the following day.

If the only reason why you found yourself being acquainted with your partner was how she used to be ill treated by her stepmother or her foster parents, for example, you may have founded your relationship on soggy mire. What do you think will happen to your acquaintance the rest of your life when he or she little counts on the care of the foster parents?

Emotional links are short-term bonds that melt with time and personal tolerance.
What you pity today may not be the same thing you breakdown about in a few years to come.

  • Prestige

No one would hate to rise to a rank of esteem instantly. It is not wrong to be a man or a woman of high esteem, position, power or achievement. In fact it is great. As Abraham Lincoln said, that nearly all men can stand all forms of adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character give him power; It is apparent that all men want to have some status.

Nevertheless, it is a wrong motive to date someone with an intention of gaining status. It is very imprudent to date someone just because of their status or position in the society. Someone may be a great king today and a hopeless pauper tomorrow. Another one may be in power today and in detention the other day.

  • Physical forms.

I know this is debatable. Many people are very particular on looks. I have heard many ladies talk about heights of their guys. The guys talk about the sexy forms of their gals. But none of these physiological forms is insured against the natural and the fateful conditions that with time shrink the pomp that no one wants to lose.

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