How to Keep Your Relationship Happy and Passionate

Keeping a marriage or a relationship happy is every couple’s desire. But things happen, and you begin to notice that love is no longer in the air. At least in your relationship. He looks bored and you are always giving excuses why you are not in the mood. That’s how slowly marriages and relationships begin to fail. I know you hate to lose happiness in your marriage, and everyone does. Here are some top ideas on how to keep your relationship or marriage happy and passionate.

Manage exhaustion

There is that time that your body can’t take it any more, and you can’t pretend. Stress kills intimacy. Many couples find themselves in overwhelming situations because they are so eager to beat deadlines, take extra jobs to make more money or are just being disorganized. Whatever it is that is causing you stress, you need to slow down and plan your schedules for the good of your relationship. You can’t afford to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. You need to create ample time for your spouse. Marriage is a journey, or if you will a kind of a life marathon that requires systematic and organized running or you’ll soon suffer a burn out.

Handle the In laws

In laws and relative from both sides are valuable people but given a foot hold they can destroy your relationship. Your spouse is married to you alone and not to your community. Draw a boundary between you as a couple and your relatives. Support each other. Once relatives either from your side or your spouse’s side realize you are one and the same solid force, they will keep a distance from your relationship.

Drop unrealistic expectations

We all expect our spouses to treat us well. We want them to remember our birthday and bring some awesome gifts. We want them to have some exceptional plans for an anniversary or at least maintain a routine of taking us out to some romantic destinations. Well, not bad, but we need to realize that they are humans and can easily forget or perform below our expectations. It’s always good to understand, and give room for improvement instead of always fussing when things are not done according to our expectations.

Handle selfishness and jealousy

There is a certain level of jealousy in every relationship. Some of these feelings are fueled by either of the spouse developing a selfish attitude. This may be typical with spouses priorities and preferences. The time he or she spends with others. May be friends, cars, jobs, gadgets, toys or pets. Love is sweet but it’s always guarded with intense jealousy. The best thing however, is for every couple to find exceptional mechanisms for addressing and resolving such resentments when they occur.

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