How to Keep Your Mother in-law Under Check

One of the things that most married women and those preparing for marriage dread to death is an intruding mother in-law. And most relationships have ended up in splits or divorce as the mother in law and the daughter in law stage a stand off. A good example is a recent case where a British florist, Carolyn Bourne, wrote an email to her prospectus daughter in-law with a subject “your lack of manners”. Her daughter in-law to be, Heidi Withers, had come to visit the family only to find a shocking mail on return to her home. In the email Carolyn accused the bride to be for being choosy and one who is not fit to be married her step son, Freddie Bourne.

The news of the email leaked to the media spread like bush fire, with bitter name calling and word trading. The girl’s dad would not take the matter lying down and he was reported to have referred to Carolyn as Miss fancy pants. At one point it became so nasty that many people thought the young man’s mother would not attend the wedding. She however was reported to have said that she would attend but choose to remain silent.

The best way to avoid conflicts with your mother in law is to be good friends with her son – your husband. This way, you’ll be able to win his heart and enjoy his protection not only against his mom but also the intrusion of his other relatives. Remember your husbands and his mother or his other siblings are blood related and you are unlikely to win any battle if they happen to join hands and wedge a fight against you. By being in a close and cordial relationship with your husband you literally drive away all little naughty foxes that would destroy the blooming vineyard of your marriage.

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