How to keep communication alive during moments of anger

A wise spouse ought to have a high temperance to be able to keep alive communication with his or her mate irrespective of feelings of the prevailing circumstances.

An incident with a brutal partner as outlined below is a good example on how keeping nice words flowing can soothe outbursts of anger A row ensued between a husband and his wife. The man who was short tempered and known to fight his wife every time he got annoyed seemed to be losing temper.

The wife having already known him well, perhaps by the blows and kicks she had suffered in the past took on her heels. The husband pursued angrily, each one of them hoping that their legs could help in the chase. But as the wife sped down the incline, she spotted a dangerous ditch, which she luckily dodged. She stood momentarily by it and shouted to her husband who was by this time only a few yards away, “Take care,” she yelled, pointing at the gully, “A fatal ditch!”

As she got ready to take off for yet another ‘my-leg-rescue-me drama’, the husband, struck with love slowed down and called out. “Hey dear, stop! It’s all over, no more fights! They walked back home hand in hand and vowed never to fight again.

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