How to Judge whether he is really in Love with you

The language of love differs from one person to the other. The more we seek to understand it the more it proves to be mysterious. But if you pay close attention to your senses, you’ll be able to distinguish between being in love and being carried away by a smart flirt. Let’s get up close and tell whether he’s really in love.

  • He looks excited to be in your company.

If a guy is always happy and seeks to be close to you, is a sign that he may not just be a common friend. Then you feel nervous in his presence, sometimes a bit sweaty, and you have butterflies all over your stomach.

  • You open up to each other easily and share about life and future.

He is someone you can have time to listen to without getting bored and he likewise takes your points very seriously, especially when you have to emphasize on certain things.

  • He shares your dreams and interests.

You like his hobbies and he likes a bunch of yours too. This is a sign that your interests align and you can easily walk the same direction in life.

  • You feel his touch.

When he greets or makes a meaningful touch your body pulsates with inexpressible response, an increase of a heartbeat and your legs wobble sometimes with a shiver along your spine.

  • He understands.

He appears to understand you better than all your other friends. He is kind and very gentle to you and most of the time he cares about your feelings and can act the best attorney or advocate in case you get into a dispute with any of your peers.

  • Your eyes meet.

Your eyes keep having contact even in a big and packed movie theater. You try to look away but you can’t help a kind of reflex action that keeps pulling you to notice him as he also keeps noticing you in the crowd.

  • He defends you.

He is fond of representing your views and he can defend you at any cost. He wants you to feel comfortable. He can give you his jacket on a rainy day to protect your hair. He sits you first when you get to have a chat over a cup at his best coffee shop

What do you think, does he really look like he is in love with you?

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