How to Handle Wedding Day’s Unforeseen Changes

Nobody wants to arrange a wedding and have everything put in place only to find that his or her wedding would not take place on the set date because there is an expected flood, a tsunami or a hurricane. This past weekend, many weddings had to be called off because many venues would not be accessible, and it took the efforts of the venue managements to notify those with scheduled weddings that their counties would not be safe for such occasions.

Some people had to make drastic changes and a number feared they were going to lose millions of money they had paid as wedding arrangement upfront deposits. It was for such unforeseen occurrence that made Erica and Brett Weiss to make a quick adjustment and marry on their Friday night’s rehearsal dinner.

I know it would not be easy for many to be as flexible on the date they have set for their nuptials. While a wedding occasion is indeed an important thing in any person’s life, it’s always important to be prepared for such unforeseen calamities. Make a wide consultation about world weather and necessary travel advisories to make an informed choice on your wedding venue, especially if you are planning to have your wedding held abroad.

You may also want to consider having a professional wedding planner handle your wedding arrangements. As you shop around for wedding planners, and wedding venues both locally and internationally, you need to avoid those charging too much upfront wedding planning fees. If you can get one you are allowed to pay less than 50% of the total wedding budget, then you can stick to that. You’ll be assured of not losing a lot should there arise likes of Hurricane Irene in your area or the area you have chosen for your wedding ceremony.

All said, if anything of this magnitude happens and your long awaited wedding cannot go on as planned, you shouldn’t worry as you and your fiancée are more important than your wedding day. As long as both of you are safe and the plans of getting married are still there, you can always find a suitable day for your wedding. Neither should you feel dispirited that an expected disaster caused a cancellation of your wedding. It’s better to cancel a wedding than face a disaster.

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