How to Create a Unique Wedding Theme

A unique wedding theme will distinguish your wedding from the habitual and common weddings you have seen every other weekend. Your wedding ought to stand out from the lot, matching your dreams and expectations. If at the end of the day you admit that it was romantic and full of fun, then you will have created a theme that made your day a success.

Your unique wedding theme involves a scheme of complementing colors, music and location. Break the traditions and norms you have witnessed in other weddings. You don’t have to incorporate an idea just because you saw it featured in a celebrity wedding. The ability to choose your own way is one thing to make your wedding ceremony look special. Whether it’s a beach wedding, garden wedding, military wedding, civil or a church wedding, choose to make it special. Let your wedding shine with a theme of your choice.

Pick a color scheme for your wedding decors, wedding cake and flowers to match and complement or contrast the colors you have chosen for your wedding dress or those of your bridal party. Make sure the music played in your wedding represents something in your life like your culture, faith or background. If both of you are from different cultures it’s important to have your wedding DJ cater for both sides well. Have as much fun as possible.

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