How to Arrange Your Own Royal Wedding at Prince William’s Favorite Resorts.

The most anticipated royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is definitely going to influence many wedding arrangements around the world. As Prince William and Kate’s wedding takes place on April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey, many will also remember the most romantic way that Prince William chose to propose to Kate Middleton. The royal engagement was done at a Kenyan romantic resort, the Lewa safari camp situated at the extensive 65000 acres of wildlife conservancy.

Lewa Safari camp - Kenya

You can arrange your own wedding at some of the most romantic areas abroad and identify with the resorts and lodges Prince William likes.

Lewa safari camp

Apart from the infamous Lewa safari camp, which may be ideal for honeymoon or a private party due to a small number of guests it can hold at a go, there are a number of other romantic camps you can consider.

Governor’s camp.

Governor’s camp is located near the infamous Mara river, recently named as one of the seventh wonders of the world. Depending on your specifications, you may wish to contract private chefs to prepare meals for you and your guests. You may also prefer to have the culture-rich local Masai perform a dance for you and your guests. At sunset and during the evening party you have a moment of the day, as you enjoy your meals around the wild fire, with the wild animals surrounding the vicinity. Don’t forget to make prior arrangements with the hotels and lodges management and tour advisers in good time. There are also good wedding catering services available abroad you can consider if you don’t want to do everything from your country.

Other beautiful locations around Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement route include Kicheche bush camp and Little governor’s camp, completely unfenced and bordering the Masai mara National reserve. Richard’s camp, Porini Mara and Lion’s camps, the Elephant pepper camp and the Amboseli porini (bush) camp are other outstanding and romantic destinations to consider for a memorable wedding party and holiday.

If you prefer the coastal area along the Indian Ocean there are numerous choices to make. Amongst them are the Delta dunes and the famous Diani house.

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