Happy Couples’ Best Sex Drive Boosters

Happy couples care for each other’s sexuality and are mindful to maintain a satisfying relationship. However, low sex drive is obviously a big threat to many relationships especially during these times of increased anxiety and poor lifestyles.

There are so many factors that contribute to reduced reproductive vigor, ranging from adaptation to certain lifestyles, various experiences or those that are seen to just be natural causes.

Emotional issues, past experiences, beliefs or troubled relationships capably water down sexual enthusiasm and spell a lot of doom to a couples’ expression of love. People with low self-esteem, for instance, are likely to have a troubled urge for each other or a general dislike for intimacy.
Pain during intimacy, a disease or certain health condition are also major causes of a low sex drive. Some diseases like cancers and depressions for example, require a long period of treatment leaving the vital organs responsible for production of reproductive hormones weakened or damaged by the effect of medications.

Over indulgence in alcohol and street drugs can have negative effects on sex drive. The same effects may also arise from mental problems or any conditions affecting the brain. Human brain is the main organ for good reproductive performance. Fatigued or overworked couples, especially weighed down with bills, debts or harsh working conditions present minimized desire for intimacy.

Hormonal imbalance in both men and women is one of the leading causes of low sex drive. Women need a regular and stable production of estrogen as men need testosterone for sexual health. Estrogen is known to be irregularly produced during the women’s transition to menopause, causing increased disinterest for intimacy.

The best thing to help reverse the effects of low sex drive is to establish the causes prompted by some of these issues. Some of the causes may be easily overcome especially if they are identified early enough. Relaxed mind and delegated responsibilities can help to ease over amassing of duties that may otherwise cause fatigues and dampen the libido.

Promote closeness with your spouse.

Avoid getting enticed to affairs or being addicted to games, job, internet or computer. To help break the monotony, couples can take an outing to a distant romantic destination. This can help create a real bonding and build enthusiasm for each other.

Be sensitive to your lifestyle and keen to what you eat.

There are a variety of popular foods that promote production of reproductive-related hormones in both men and women.The best types of foods to help in boosting sex drive are those high in production of estrogen in women and testosterone  in men. In women the production of estrogen can be increased by regular intake of Soybean products, dates, plums, pomegranates, tomatoes, yams, wheat, barley, papaya, Olives, Chickpeas, garlic and berries. It’s advisable to maintain a low fat diet and a high fiber content.

Men’s major reproductive hormone, known as testosterone, can be boosted by regularly feeding on diets that are rich in protein and zinc. The egg yolk, chicken and sea foods like Oysters are some of the best diets to promote good production of testosterone hormone. A number of herbs like garlic, cabbage, broccoli and the Maca root from the Peruvian Maca plant are some of the best known nature’s best plans for reproduction vitality.

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