Great Leads on Kids Character Development.

Our kids are important to us. They are treasures of the future. Their development determines the type of society we want to leave behind as a legacy. As the kids grow parents have an obligation to be in touch and have in place regulations in some of the following channels that otherwise shape their kids character.

 Society, family and global cultures.

Kids mimic the characters of the people they live together with or other personalities they think they are their heroes or heroins. It’s important for a parent to help their kids by living exemplary and pointing on personalities of good morals they’d want the kids to adore.

 Media.

Many parents have adopted media as an alternate means of parenting. Kids need to be well guided, for instance as to what Tv channels to watch, literature or internet sites they visit.

 Economic and industrial development.

Do you feel that you don’t have enough time to be with your kids as you try to bridge the gap of these hard economic moments.

 Urbanization.

In these times of global change, where many people are forced to live in urban areas, many kids are likely to be exposed to all manner of behaviors like crimes, violence prostitution and the kind.

 Political systems.

There are all types of ruling systems in the world. Democracies, capitalism, communism, tyrannies and dictatorships. Help your kids to embrace what you believe will help them in their lives as they grow to form the next generation.

 Religion.

We don’t fall short of diverse types of religions, beliefs and liturgies, from those who fight and kill in the name of God to those who claim to hold your future. Wherever you live and whichever way you pray make sure your kids are well guarded against any form of religious extremism.

To make sure that your kids don’t fall to moral depravity propelled by the changes of these global systems, you need to be an available parent.

Create means to monitor the day-to-day development of your kids character.

A good parent whether working away or around home does not forget his or her parenting obligation. It doesn’t matter whether he or she is to attend the evening shift in the factory or a call in a busy hospital, he or she must find ways to keep in touch and train the young mind rather than giving them up to the whim of television.

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2 Thoughts to “Great Leads on Kids Character Development.

  1. Dee

    TV Parenting is terrible sometimes, especially when your kid sees violence and starts having nightmares. You’ve got yourself to blame.

    1. Hey Dee,
      Very well articulated, I feel parents must arise and fill the vacuum that the television has assumed in parenting. Thank you for your observation and feel free to always have your say here.

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