Gorgeous Women Dress Styles For Dates

Whether you’ve just won your boyfriend’s favor and got that long coming proposal or you really want to have presence any time you get into a party, an anniversary or a homecoming, there’s nothing better to play the magic than having an irresistible, gorgeous dress. Depending on the season or that special occasion you’ve wanted to appear in style, you’ve got to take a deep breath and go for a dress that will not only announce your outstanding presence but one that’s also a head turner. Below are some of the most elegant women dress styles ideas for different seasons and events to make your date, party or special event unforgettable.


Women Dress Styles: Sundress
Flirty sundress

Come summer and you want to keep the warmer days and steamy nights as cool as possible. Why not try an exquisite flirty sundress. You can match it down either with stylish sandals or get some chic flats. For absolute magnificence, you can accessorize your sundress with some gleaming jewels.

Your sundress can be as versatile as you’d want it to be and you don’t have to wait till the next summer. You can also wear it during winter with a chic cardigan and tights. Depending on the color or style of your choice you can be sure that this is among the best women dress styles to turn the heads. And it’s not just for your new date or upcoming special occasion but for many events in the years ahead.


Women Dress Styles: Silhouette Slip Dress
Silhouette Slip Dress

Depending on your body figure, you can capitalize on that as an asset to bring out the curves and the hidden prettiness for holistic allure. If you have a tall, lithe figure, resembling Jennifer Lawrence, you can choose a simple floor length – not fearing to go for a bold color like she stole the show with her dramatic looks on the red carpet.

To make your slip dress silhouette even more appealing you can complete it with some pretty sandals and a casual hand bag for a day event. For those who are curvier and are proud of showing off the curves, you can’t go wrong with a stylish empire waist and halter maxi dress. Don’t fret if you are not as tall as Jennifer Lawrence. You can still make your petite shape appear taller by going for a more solid color from top to bottom, and you can be sure that your flattering looks will not go unnoticed.


A sexy petite dress would be very ideal for that spectacular and sexy appearance. You can go for a little black cocktail dress. There may be more choices and colors of women dress styles there but black’s infallible flattering effect cannot be overemphasized.

You can always pair your black cocktail dress with an impressive heel and a sexy hairdo. If you are not into revealing much of your skin, you can as well make your presence felt by going for an irresistible body hugging and a figure flattering dress.

Like Jennifer Lawrence, your below the knee sequined style will not only be a statement by itself but a doorway for bits of imagination on what your unmatched exquisiteness is all about.

We would like to hear your views. Which one of these elegant dress styles would you wear and where would you wear them. You can have your say and let other readers know what you think by posting a short comment below.

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