Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Fast

A break up can be very devastating and hurting to your ego as a man as well as to your ex. You still love your ex and would want to work things out with her and maybe give your relationship a second chance. Whoever broke up with the other, it is your obligation to convince her ex to get back with you if you still love her. Your feelings and hers may be hurt and you should avoid doing things that will break her heart further. Here are some tips that would guide you in trying to win her back.

It is important to establish the reason for your break up as the first step in fixing things between you and your ex girlfriend. Some issues that lead to a break up are not easy to fix such as abuse, cheating among others. In your case was the issue preventable? Can it be fixed? With this in mind you will be able to approach her with a clear conscience. If you were the one at fault it is important to let her know you acknowledge your mistake and are sorry for it. You never make things better by denial instead you drift your ex girlfriend further away from you.

A break up can leave one grieving for days and even disconnect from their social world but this should never be the case. Socializing or even dating again will give your ex the idea that you have moved on creating jealousy. However show that you still care about her. This works with girls and she will take any chance you offer to get back together with her. You should also display confidence and maturity in the way you walk, dress and talk. This is likely to make your ex believe you don’t need her anymore, she’ll be worried and any approaches you make will be received positively.

You should try to be friends with your ex as this way you will earn her trust and possibly her love. Don’t ignore her completely as this will push her away. However avoid being the clingy ex by hovering around her all the time as she’ll conclude you as desperate and needy. You may have changed a lot in terms of the way you treated your girl leading her to breaking up with you. Show your ex the side of you she fell in love with and this is likely to draw her closer to you.

While trying to win your ex girlfriend back, you should avoid doing some things as they will never bring your ex back. Never make your ex girlfriend feel guilty for breaking up with you. This will create an even greater drift between you two. Avoid irritating behavior such as texting, calling or appearing at her doorstep a day or two after the break up. Instead give her time to heal and assess her feelings for you.

Lastly, never involve a 3rd party such as a friend or relative to talk things over with your ex. This creates a communication gap between the two of you and you will never solve your issue or reconcile. After achieving your ex’s trust and love it is important to avoid the things that led to your initial break up.

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