How to get a Woman say yes the First Time you ask her out

So you have singled out this gorgeous woman and you feel like you can’t wait any longer before letting her know your thoughts about her. You are contemplating whether you should right away ask her out for coffee, movie or just a walk along the park.

But you are not sure what her reaction would be or whether she’d even be interested in you in the first place. Wait a minute. Before letting the cat out of the bag, there are a number of things you ought to know.

Bridge the gap Before You can ask her Out

Love hardly flows among strangers – unless you have been watching so many soap operas and you want to try the wildest tricks you’ve picked there. You have seen her and you have loved her. You have liked the way she behaves among her peers and you have even established that she is not taken – given.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a smooth sail, unless you want to hurt your ego for nothing. The best thing you can do is to look for ways of getting acquainted with her even before she knows your interests. Try witty approaches of getting close to her, first in the company of your mutual friends and acquaintances, until you are able to generally talk one on one.

Make her get Interested

Ladies don’t turn guys down because they are not handsome, husband figure or even financially stable. Guys are doing the wrong things in attracting women. You shouldn’t expect her to fall in love rapidly like a chicken. Typically, a woman is supposed to fall in love progressively and reservedly, like a peacock. You must make her build interest in you much before you plan to ask her out.

Build trust Before you can ask her Out

Just because she can pay attention when you are stressing a point during a group discussion is not enough reason to trust you or accept to go out with you. Once you break the tension of being strangers to each other, go ahead and build her trust about yourself and your close friends.

The way you conduct yourself in the midst of others speaks volume about you. Do you for instance have peculiar mannerisms like hitting things around you when driving a point home? You don’t want her to think you might be an abuser in the making.

Avoid Being Attracted to Several Women at Once.

If you are interested in a woman and you don’t want her to water down your love when you eventually make your desires known, then you’ve got to be careful how you behave in the presence of other women. You may not avoid being attracted to other girls but you don’t have to betray yourself at the expense of your objective. Some guys even make a mistake of wanting to take every woman out. That might indeed make you famous, not for being unequaled potential lover but a possible wanderer.

Don’t be in a Hurry to ask her Out

Avoid a common flaw a lot of men make by asking a woman out for a date hastily. Well, it’s true that you are not the only guy with eyes to notice that she’s beautiful, and she might get another admirer as you hold your horses.

But why would you rush to ask her out or even want to propose love to her even before she can address you by your first name. How would you feel if you went out with her, met her friends, she wants to introduce you and keeps asking, “Mmm… What’s your name again?”

Test the Waters

Once you are sure she holds you in high esteem, she even says she’s happy for having known you and that meeting you came at the right time in her life, then it’s time to cross the waters of doubt. But be careful when testing the waters.

Women can be mystifying, especially when they say one thing to signify a different thing. If you ask her out and she says she’s not available on the day you suggested and goes on to give you her contact details, it means she is ready for you but she wants you to keep anticipating. Don’t despair. It’s another way of raising the demand. You are now on the right track.

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