5 First Date Mistakes Every Guy Should Avoid

I recently wrote an article here on things that would trigger sudden repulsion syndrome (an unexpected feeling of displeasure in one’s boyfriend or girlfriend) On the other hand, there are things that would kill your relationship even before it begins, sometimes even without you knowing. Have you ever asked her out and things seem to be working perfectly on your first date but suddenly she excuses herself and that’s the last time she’d want anything to do with you? May be you made any or close to some of these first date mistakes that make many guys cross the red line on the first date.

1. Telling her “I Love You” is one of the Top First Date Mistakes Men Make

In fact we all agree that this is something you want a woman you have affectionate feelings about to know. But imagine you’ve just known her and although she has agreed to go out with you, there’s very little you know about her, apart from maybe meeting her at your friend’s party a day or two ago. Now, if she doesn’t think you are a thespian, she’ll probably think you are not serious. Unless she doesn’t really care what it means to tell a woman, “I Love you.”  At least spare her on your first date and get to know her before you can let her know how much you love her. Don’t you think it’s strange to sing praises to what you know little or even nothing about?

2. Being Touchy-feely on the first Date

Imagine you’ve not even been acquainted with her temperaments. You don’t even know whether she prefers being touched in public or not, and your hands are all over her body. Most likely, she’ll think you lack etiquette or that you too touchy-feely and possibly this is what you do to every woman you have an opportunity to be close to.

3. You take time out to Answer your Ex’s call or to text her Back

Unless you want to bring trouble to yourself on your first date, you don’t split time between your new girlfriend and your Ex and think you’ll get away with it. You either know how to handle your Ex’s calls – if you still communicate or if it’s by coincidence, then, shelve texting her back or answering her calls when you are with your new date.

4. You look Different from your Facebook Profile Picture

Dating is about trust. If you’ve only communicated online, and the only imagination she has about yourself is that false profile picture on Facebook or online dating site, then you can be sure not to go very far in the game. It’s always important that you be as honest as possible with your girlfriend, especially when meeting her one to one for the first time.

5. Always Talking About Yourself and your Mother

Telling her about all what you want and what you don’t, making reference and swearing by your mother all the time on your first date reveals two things to your new girlfriend – that you might be a selfish guy and that you can easily become your mother’s finger puppet – something a lot of women detest with passion.

I know I didn’t exhaust this list, and nobody would, since people are different and there are so many dynamics in dating. Have you ever experienced a sudden end of a new relationship? Can you remember some of the first date mistakes that your boyfriend or girlfriend made and you couldn’t take it any more? Please feel free to share with other readers by leaving a comment below.



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