Finding a Marriage Therapist in Houston.

If you live or have access to Houston and have been facing a difficulty in your marriage or relationship you would love to share your predicaments with some of the Americans most competent marriage therapists. But you’ve got to analyze your needs well and know what you are looking for in a marriage therapist. There are many marriage therapists in Houston and it may be a bit confusing for you to get the right therapist to sort out your problem. That should however not be a big problem once you’ve known what you are seeking in a couples’ counselor in Houston. Many qualified and reputable marriage therapists in Houston are clearly outlined using their profiles and this will make it easier for their clients to go for therapists of their informed choice. They are categorized according to the kind of marriage problems they have specialized in to suit your marital needs.

But just like you’d expect in any other profession there are hitches that you may face while seeking for a marriage therapist in Houston. You’ve got to be careful when making your choice so that you don’t fall for quacks or fraudsters. You should be keen to read a brief introduction on the therapist’s work history not forgetting to search the contact details to help you get acquainted with your choice of a couples’ counselor in Houston. Directions and office hours are also necessary for your own convenience. Here are some of the marriage counselors in Houston that will make a positive difference in your marriage or relationship.

Chuck Gray is one of professional marriage therapists in Houston with deep values for marriage. His passion guided professionalism makes him an exceptional therapist in marriage therapy and has counseled many couples helping them find fulfillment in their marriages. Gray’s experience stands out and he has also dealt with matters relating to singles as well as issues such as abuse, self-esteem, loss, stress and depression among others. He also has the ability to treat those with psychological concerns. He owns a clinic where he works in collaboration with other marriage counselors who are well seasoned in the field of psychology. Chuck Gray is also a committee member of renowned associations like Houston Psychological Association among others. He is also a trainer and supervisor of upcoming marriage professionals.

Rabia Ilahi is a licensed marriage therapist in Houston with the aim of helping couples and troubled families live better lives. She is experienced and having fulfilled educational qualifications and training, she is regarded as a competent professional. She has the ability to transform a miserable marriage into a quality relationship that you desire and deserve. Ilahi has a broad expertise in solving other relationship problems that concern families or individuals such as ethnic, spiritual, cultural, infertility and infidelity matters among many others. She has joined forces with other professional therapists in affiliations such as Houston association of marriage and family therapists where she serves as a board member. Having specialized in the field of marriage, you can be sure that she can put an end to a heap of worries in your marriage.

Dr. Michael winters is another famous marriage counselor in Houston. He makes you find solutions from difficult situations that pose a threat to your marriage. He instills insights and gives couples visions for more fulfilling marriages, not to mention that he has acquired a wide range of experience in his field of work. Winters has met high educational standards that have made him stand out among many other marriage therapists in Houston. He has attained a doctorate in family and marriage therapy and is the only therapist practicing diplomat e in logo-therapy in Houston. He is convenient as he has a full-time independent psychology practice to cater for your needs. Michael also works in association with organizations such as Houston Psychological Association where once served as president.

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