Fall Marchesa Gowns for Weddings, Special Occasions

Fall 2012 Marchesa show at New York fashion week was the kind that left many fans breathless. The awe-aspiring Marchesa gowns became the spark of the show that was held in the classy Plaza Hotel. The gorgeous gowns are the kind that give off the wedding bells some vibe but also sparks the whole event. Marchesa Georgina and Keren Craig worked out collaboration in the designing of 33 exquisite gowns for the runway worthy for the red carpet. Fall Marchesa gowns were also tailored to be wedding worthy, giving brides a chance to know how classy it feels on the d-day.

Fall Marchesa Gowns
Fall 2012 Marchesa gowns

The drop waist swishy dress turned heads during the show and was to be rated among the best. The stunning dress was designed with intricate lacing and decoration with beautiful flowers that made it even lovelier. Showing off that sexy body and lovely skin, the dress was for lack of words described as – gorgeous. It also covered well with wide arms from the shoulders to the elbow, making it look more fashionable. The mini-dress decorated with pretty ribbons at the shoulders brings out the hidden beauty and really made away people’s attention in the show. What made most people fall in love with this dress is the fact that it can be worn on all occasions including that treasured date!

Fall Marchesa gowns were fancier than anything else. The designer has again surprised the world in the New York fashion week with unique and magnificent strapless gowns of swirling appliqués. People termed this as lighter-than-air dress due to the dreamy reams of tulle, layers of lace and the transparent mesh.

The dress had a lovely wing-like and feathered embroidery which definitely made me fall in love with it too. My eyes remained glued on it due to the details and the style that have not been seen in lifetime. I must say that Marchesa puts serious thoughts into action when designing these dresses. Notably, the thoughtful fitting up to the waist brought out the figure eight that most people always want to die for.

During the Runway fall 2012, the fans were closely watching and trying to figure out which dress would be most romantic. I must confess that the dresses looked so endearing, especially the lace embroideries on the bodice being engraved with flowers allover. Then those feathery hems and different detailing where some had hints of gold respective to their color pattern.

There is this red smart cocktail light dress that most people loved especially due to its unique and fancy embroidery. Any celebrity would also find this Fall Marchesa gowns appropriate for a show off on the red-carpet. And you can also have them for a special occasion or a new date if you are the stylish lady.

During the fall 2012 fashion week, Marchesa came up with a ball gown – and the cameras never stopped to flash. A strapless gown tailored to be fitting up to the waist with feathery swirling appliqués allover the bodice. The model in it looked like a princess with a full skirted ball skirt that people never stopped to admire. This ball gown is one of the most appropriate for a stylish bride to celebrate her wedding day.

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