How to Make Him buy Engagement Ring of your Choice

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things in life. Nobody wants to make mistakes, especially when it comes to the settings of an engagement ring, knowing that the kind of a ring you get represents what type of a person you are and that you are going to live with it for quite some time. You may not have a direct approach to influence your boyfriend’s pick of your engagement ring. But there is a lot you can do to hint to him the kind of a ring you want.

Buy Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

It’s true that a lot of men want to make surprise proposals and sometimes it may even not be possible to know whether and when he may be planning to buy engagement ring for you. But just like I’d expect you to always be ready for a surprise proposal – and I bet you’ve been careful to dress your hottest every moment you go out with him, because a proposal is smelling all over your relationship and you’d not want to mess your engagement photos. If you can see it coming, whether this coming holiday or any other time, you’ve got what it takes to influence his choice for the ring you’ve been dreaming for.

Surf or shop for your Engagement Ring with Him.

Some studies have actually confirmed that a big percentage of women frequent jewelry stores or surf engagement resource sites with their boyfriends much before proposals. If your guy has given such an opportunity to you then you need to let him know the type of a ring that appeals to you. You don’t have to demand a particular cut, color or settings. But you can let him know where your interest is and if he’s familiar with the basics of engagement rings or at least he knows about the 4 C’s of diamond, he’ll be able to interpret your preferred settings.

Be creative

You can be creative to get your guy get you the ring of your dream without necessarily mentioning it to him. You can make a photo of your preferred ring and clip it at where he can easily see it. He’ll definitely know that’s what you are after. If he doesn’t seem to have a clue about all you’re doing, even after clipping the photo of your ring in his car, especially on the windshield near the rear driving mirror, then trust me this last one will work. As he hugs you a good bye, may be on his way to work or as he departs from your best friend’s engagement party you are both attending, stack a picture of the engagement ring you want for your proposal in his back pocket. 🙂

Let your Mutual Friends know about your Engagement ring Choice

One of the easiest ways for your guy to know what you like most is through the friends both of you share or even the members of your family – especially if he’s planning a surprise proposal. He is most likely going to scout around them to know the kind of a ring you’d prefer. Let them know what you want for a ring, just in case.

Would you use any of these hints or is there any that you feel we could have included? Feel free to share your views with us.




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