Does Online Dating work? Great tips on a successful Online Date

As technology continues to shape the world into a global village, many things from social life, travels, education, and general ways of conducting business are drastically changing. By a touch of a button you can find a soul mate your heart has been waiting for. Dating statistics reveal that 48% of American males and 58% females are involved in Online dating.

Online dating is seen as an alternative route for those who may be too shy to initiate a regular date with new people for different reasons. Some may have been hurt in previous dating, too cautious in meeting new people or just find Online dating a fun. Whatever reason it is, if you plan to get involved in Online dating these are some of the guidelines you should put to consideration.

Make sure you understand the dating sites well before you begin to fill in your profile.

All dating sites are not created the same. Interests differ. Some are categorized to cater for people of a certain level of education, social status, races or demographic locations. By first establishing your interests are well catered for within the site saves you time and any disappointments.

Don’t assume that the person on the other side lives on another planet.

The girl or the guy responding to your profile may not be so different from the fellows you interact with on daily basis, in the office, shopping malls or public transport. Aim high but be also prepared for descents. Be optimistic but balanced in your expectations

Don’t delay to have your first meeting.

To be certain that you are not engaging yourself into a time wasting date, make efforts to have your first meeting after the first few emails. You don’t want to break your heart and to feel cheated on finding that the person you have given much of your time is far below or beyond your standards.

Meet in a safe, public place.

Online dating doesn’t necessarily have to be a dangerous. But you don’t want to play around with your safety. Be keen to inform a close friend or family member about your location and make sure they can easily get in touch.

Let the guy suggest the first meeting.

Although you’d want to have your first meeting as quick as possible, it’s advisable to buy time to see if the guy will initiate the first meeting. You don’t want him to feel like you are desperate and out for a rush. Once the meetings begin perhaps with first one over a cup of coffee, allow a couple of other spontaneous dates before any commitments as you get to know your new acquaintance.

Don’t be hurt if he or she doesn’t return your mails or answer your calls.

You might be surprised that the guy or a girl you just shared pleasantries and coffee in a romantic location becomes disinterested and turns down your efforts to get in touch with them. It’s not personal. Just understand that he or she might have found that you can’t match. That doesn’t mean that you are any less in standards. He or she was not just the one.

Avoid Online addictions.

Tune your mind that it’s just a date and avoid getting addicted to time wasting computer chats. Be balanced and use your time well. Any Online dating that interferes with your working schedule or normal life routines is addictive and needs to be avoided as much as possible.

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  1. […] Online dating is quite useful to shy people who find it difficult to maintain face to face conversations with the opposite sex. One will find emails and telephone calls much more comfortable. Online dating also has some shortcomings. People tend to pretend and hide their real self online, hence becoming a rude shock to the other person when they decide to meet. […]

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