How to Know You’re Dating a Selfish Boyfriend

So you have been dating this guy, and you are definitely eager to know whether you have settled on Mr. Right or whether you should simply take a walk. It’s not unusual at times to feel mixed up. You feel like your relationship is at crossroads, not being sure which way to follow. But it’s even more complex to be in a relationship with a selfish boyfriend.

It’s true that the destiny of true love is sweet. But it’s route, if not properly mapped can at times get regrettably bitter. The following tips can help you to judge whether you are dating a selfish guy, so you can make an informed decision whether to move on or move out.

Things are too fast for You.

If the guy seems to be in unexplained haste, wants to settle down as soon as possible irrespective of your genuine concerns, then you should be wary about the outcome of your relationship. If this is happening, try to establish whether he’s just coming from a failed relationship. He may be seeking quick comfort or he just wants to prove a point for the benefit of his ego. But why at the expense of your freedom, your principles and the things you want to accomplish before you commit yourself? If he insists and he says it’s either now or never, that’s a red flag.

He Might be a Selfish Boyfriend if you’re Always Struggling to have your Way.

If the guy domineers in everything, he is the center of your relationship and you are always the one struggling to exist, you’ll soon become his toy or a finger-puppet, instead of being an equal partner. Most relationships that begin this way are likely to become abusive.

You are Feeling Confused.

You feel that your relationship is in the middle of nowhere, nothing appeals to you and if anything you only feel that it’s a one sided game, vague out of focus and full of doubts.

You are Beginning to Panic.

You know he is a selfish boyfriend if his moves are constantly setting you up for desperation. You feel worried and you can’t help being in constant panic. You begin to wish you hadn’t ceded so much ground. All the pointers indicate that your relationship has lost the bearing and you need to reconsider your commitment to him. The best thing you can do to yourself is to obey your heart, run for your life before you get hurt beyond remedy.

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