Facts on Dating Asian American women Online

Finding a soul mate online is one of the most exciting things in life. And it’s even more fun to interact with singles from other ethnic groups or even those living in countries abroad. There has been a lot of varied information especially on dating Asian American singles online, largely due to lots of stereotype-commercially inclined opinions about the success of online dating.

While we can’t ignore the role that online dating sites are playing in offering singles around the world opportunities to connect with their matches, it’s important to point out some of the facts that everyone needs to know before getting committed to finding love online or anywhere else.

Dating Asian American Singles
Dating Asian American Women

It’s been believed, thanks to all the online recommendations about Asian women, that they are the best for marriage and all manner of sweet things have been said about them. You wonder whether they are not faced with normal challenges other women encounter in their relationships. Well, I’m not trying to contest the belief about lots of good things about dating Asian American women, including the claim that most of them can make good wives. My point here is – we shouldn’t entirely judge whoever we’d want to date, whether they’ll make good wives or husbands, on based on their ethnic groups.

Asian American women may be humble, down to earth and well cultured but they do have emotions just like all other women and they have their expectations too. So, nobody should be fooled to imagine that putting a ring on an Asian American woman, or flying one directly from Asian region would cure every known relationship syndrome.

According to a survey carried out by psychologists at Cardiff University on mixed ethnic relationships and individual singles preferences, it was found that white (British) women prefer black males, whites and Asians in that order, while white men give their first preference to Asian women. Their second and third preferences were found to be white and black respectively.

Looking keenly on this study, especially on which ethnic group prefers to date who, you’ll notice the effect of the existing stereotypes concerning these groups – a label that many dating sites and numerous online dating reviewers have noticed, captured and literally ran with. That an African American man is strong, Asian American women are humble and that African American women have high family values are some of the views dominating both online and one to one dating.

On the contrary, according to study supported by a feature story carried out on New York Times a while ago, it was observed that more Asian Americans are marrying within their race despite having been involved in interracial relationships earlier in campus life.

Most Asian American women enter into relationships with white boyfriends while Asian men prefer to date whites. But if the conclusion of this feature is anything to go by then most campus dating is just for fun, noting that when the time comes for settling down in marriage, Asian Americans tend to marry within their race.

Having said this, finding a soul mate of your preference online or anywhere else, whether of Asian origin or an American solely depends on how you can get along and how much you are willing to commit to your new relationship. There is no relationship that works automatically, whether with whites, Asian Americans, Latinos, African Americans or any other ethnic groups. Success in dating, relationships and even in marriage is about couples’ commitment to each other and willingness to do all it takes to make things work.


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