Tips on Dating African American Singles

Today’s dating world is changing and it can get tough to find a perfect match especially the one who fits into your laid down standards. And many singles are also approaching the dating market place with caution, sometimes setting too high thresholds, which makes the whole dating game even more complicated. The following tips are meant to advise you on some of the best approaches in dating African American Singles.

There’s no doubt that when the rules of the ‘game’ get tough, sometimes with ‘players having to keep on changing their goal posts’, then only the tough, innovative players can score. Traditional dating may have worked for those who were before us and it may still be working for some even now but it’s not the only way and you don’t have to remain single for all this time trying some dating games that worked 10 to 15 years ago.


Dating African American Singles
African American dating


A study commissioned by the Yale Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course revealed that nearly twice as many African American women remain single in comparison to their Caucasian counterparts. With these findings being backed by the 2000 U.S census that African American women are more than their male counterparts by about 1.8 million, it’s a no brainer that getting someone for marriage has to be more innovative than it was some 10 to 15 years ago.

Reaching Out

Searching for love is like a hunting game that has to keep on changing depending on the fields or the tools you are using. You don’t have to be limited to your traditionally familiar locations. Whether you are rigid on dating African American singles in your location or you’re liberal enough to spread out to the other communities, the bottom line is – reaching out.

One thing that’s obvious with hunting games’ rules of engagement is that you’ve got to lay down your strategies. You must have your traps in place. More importantly, you’ll need to use creative techniques of leading your target to the trap. This may also be equated to making an ambush with an intention of driving your target to the point of no return.

Now, coming back to the real game here, which is hunting for love, you’ve got to get to the places where African American singles are easily found instead of waiting for them at your familiar locations, which might will end up limiting your chances for finding love. The following are some of the best places any African American single in search of love can find their solace.

Social Places Ideal for Dating African American Singles

Social places are jammed with persons of different backgrounds be it in terms of faith education or social status. This may be your local church or members’ club, ideally where you mingle with other singles all the time.

A church in particular could be a very ideal place for dating African American singles of your status or preferences. You can as well get committed in different opportunities available in the church like music, evangelism, soul winning or mission departments, where you can be offering services as you look around for your set qualities. Many singles in search of love gain confidence when they can identify your gifts, talents, ability to serve under leaderships and so on.

Online Dating Websites and Marriage Agencies

Although there are a lot of uncertainties in online dating, the fact is that there are many singles getting their soul mates online. Online dating is also getting worldwide recognition and many singles are daily uploading their profiles both locally and internationally.

Whether you’re interested in dating African American singles from your area, nationally or you are open for singles from other parts of the world, internet dating remains the most effective means. But just like you don’t find love effortlessly offline, you shouldn’t expect to find it easily on the internet.

Love is never sold online like you’d just book for your wedding gown or a prom suit and wait for shipping at home. A lot of patience, discipline and sobriety cannot be overemphasized when it comes to finding love online.

Most of the well managed online dating sites charge some membership fees for maintenance and as a way of weeding out scammers and jokers. This allows you to meet people who are seriously looking for love. You can always browse members by categories as registrants have to fill a form with detailed relevant info about their lives and interests.

Always take precautions when dating online. Obey your instincts and avoid sharing too much of your personal details until you have covered some reasonable grounds.

I’d appreciate to know your thoughts concerning this subject. Are there other things that you feel would have been included? Please feel free to share one or two by making a comment below so that other readers can benefit.


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