Creative Tips on Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Breaking up with the man you love is the hardest part of a relationship and is very devastating in addition to bringing down your self esteem and confidence. It is not worth giving up especially if your man is the one who broke away. Whether or not his reasons were genuine you can give it another try by attempting to have him back.

There are a few things that as a lady you should avoid in trying to get your boyfriend back. Avoid being the desperate and needy ex. This means you should avoid calling or texting your ex-boyfriend completely. Men find this action nagging and instead of having him back, you will be driving him further away. Avoid crying, begging for him to come back, apologizing or even promising to change as a man will never get back with you out of sympathy. Avoid making your ex-boyfriend jealous maybe by hitting on his best friend or one of his friends. This will only prove to him that you are ready to move on.

It is very wrong to accept your ex back as a friend when you are planning to get him to fall in love with you again. Accepting friendship will only show that you no longer care for him as a boyfriend and this will crash any possibilities of getting back together. Also avoid telling your ex-boyfriend how much you love and miss him. He may otherwise take advantage as he realizes that he can have you back whenever he wants without your resistance.

In the process of getting your ex-boyfriend back you should first establish the reason for your break-up. In some cases where the ex was abusive, mean or possessive you should think twice before planning to get back to the relationship. Try to evaluate whether you may have provoked him to the break up by the way you treated him, or by your negative attitude towards his friends or other issues of his interest.However, evaluation doesn’t mean that you start hunting him for sympathy. You should avoid contact with him totally especially just after your breakup. Let your ex feel the pain of missing you and in case you meet make your conversations brief.

You can make your ex crazy by doing some of the things he loved about you while you were dating. These would be the way you walk or your smile but avoid any flirting looks. If he has ever complimented any of your outfit such as a dress, a pair of jeans or that sexy pair of shoes, wear it and this will attract him to you. Be yourself and try to bring back the lady he once fell in love with. Attend to your pomp, look your best, concentrating on your looks and don’t look down on yourself. Be strong, stable and confident and never show your ex that your life is worthless without him. There is nothing more attractive and appealing to a man than a confident lady.

You should avoid mourning over your ex-boyfriend. Engage your mind by trying out something even new. This will make your ex jealous and he’ll want a chance back as it will be pretty obvious to him you’re better off without him which is not the case. As things start working out between the two of you, try to work on the things that led to your break up.



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