Creative Ideas on Choosing Perfect Wedding Songs

Music played at a wedding ceremony is very important as it may make or break the wedding occasion. This music can either be live through a live band or recorded. Wedding songs will be played at different times during the occasion hence each celebration may vary in the type of songs to be played. Wedding songs may be played during the bridal procession, pre-reception during serving of drinks for guests, the reception itself, cocktail or the first dance.

The music played in a wedding helps create the right atmosphere for the occasion in addition to reflecting your feelings, personality and the set theme of the great day. A few factors should be considered in ensuring the right selection of wedding songs. First, the bride and bridegroom should consider their likes and dislikes before settling on particular songs for their big day. They can consider picking their favorite love songs or a genre that both are comfortable with. In addition the song should mean something to both of you by reflecting your relationship and feelings for each other.

The wedding songs selected should have a lasting power which means a couple of years later they’ll still hold the same meaning they did on your wedding day. The songs should also be related to the theme of the day through the message they deliver and the mood they set for the wedding occasion. They should be comfortable for guests of all age brackets. If possible you may choose songs that your guests are familiar with as they will be able to enjoy and even sing along like during the reception.

The venue of the wedding will highly determine the type of songs to be selected. Songs should get along with the atmosphere of the place chosen for the celebration. For the first dance song, you should choose a song that you and your partner are comfortable dancing and may even take classes before the wedding to fix the right moves. For a band you can get to watch its performance before the big day to ensure quality music is delivered. You may use the help of the bands’ past clients to determine their suitability.

It is necessary to check the songs’ lyrics and listen to them before setting them as your wedding songs. As much as possible, avoid unromantic songs or those that deal with issues such as break-up, drugs, alcohol or other themes unrelated to the wedding. It is advisable to also instruct the band, DJ or the person in charge of music on when to play a particular song.



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