Counselor’s Guide on Online Dating

Online dating is fun but still for you to be safe there are certain measures that you will have to put into consideration. The thoughts shared out here are meant to guide you throughout your dating process as well as helping you out in any uncertainties that may occur on the way. It’s good to be vigilant when getting involved in online dating at the same time perceiving that online dates are not to be trusted until you have met your date and established a reasonable level of commitment.

With online dating, you’ve got to look out for a person that shares the same interests with you. As a priority, be keen to get rid of potential dates who do not measure up to your standards before it’s too late along the dating process. However, you will have to be patient since online dating requires time before you can establish the true character of the person you are dating.

When it comes to posting photos or sending them to your potential lover, you have to be your real self. Photographs tell a lot about oneself thus you have to take photos of how you look currently to give your date a real picture of who you are. Building a relationship on a heap of lies will only frustrate you when you get together and this means that you may not have a healthy relationship. If you want to start on the right foot, upload good pictures of yourself, unless you are dating just for fun.

Be keen also not to disclose your personal information when dating online. This can turn out to be very risky. You shouldn’t be tempted to send money to your online date without knowing him or her well or you’ll regret for your mistakes. It’s also advisable to conceal your personal information during the early days and this will greatly help you in reading your date’s mind to know what kind of a person he or she is. You can block the user if he or she is pestering you or if he or she is trying to ask for your financial details. Let your financial position and details remain only known to you till you get to meet and trust each other. Trust should only come when you’ve gained mutual trust to the point where engagement and marriage arrangements may ensue. Always pay attention to your instincts for they never lie. You should not hesitate to discontinue your relationship if begin to feel insecure.

Be on the look out for those people who are currently divorced or those who have suffered from broken relationships. Such people may be difficult to date and their love may not be genuine in the first place since they will still be suffering heartbreak wounds from their previous relationships. Nobody would want to fall for a person who is living in anger and bitterness of lost relationships. That means that you don’t have to take risk since such persons may lose interest in you after they get over their miseries. Another thing is that, such a person will keep on mentioning his or her former lover’s relationship and this may be a bit hurting. You may also never get along in such a relationship even if you both share the same interests.

For online dating to work for you, you need to take the precautions without shunning optimism and at the end you may be on your way to settling down with a man or a woman of your dreams.



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