Common Signs that you are No Longer in Love with your Boyfriend.

Have you been wondering whether you are still in love with him? Are you getting confused whether you are really available or whether you should walk out on him? There is that time when love comes knocking with a real thrill, but there also comes a time when you no longer feel a thing about him. The following tips are some of the common signs that your love for him could have reached the dead end.

You begin to hate things that invoke memories about him. You are not exited to remember him or the places you have toured together.

You naturally forget about him, and don’t remember to call him. He is the only one calling you.

He calls but you no longer have much to talk about and you are always the one hanging up at the end of your conversations.

He wants to go out with you but you are always giving excuses that you are committed, even when you’ve got nothing much to do the whole weekend.

You are no more excited to introduce him to your friends and you hate to imagine introducing him to your parents or any member of your family.

You are not jealous to find that he is dating another girl and instead you feel somehow relieved.

Meeting him or spending time with him is no longer a fun.

You are attracted to other guys and you wish that you were available.

You no longer value his gifts and nothing excites you about them any more.

You are always quarreling, and you enjoy it – sometimes you look for things to quarrel and fight about, just to feel good about it.

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