Common Indicators your Marriage, Relationship is Breaking up

Building a strong relationship is a couple’s mutual responsibility. And happy relationships may take time to nurture. Some get to bloom sooner and others later. While we agree that there must be efforts to make relationships strong, there are times when we are alarmed and we can’t take it easy any longer. If your marriage or relationship begins to show any or more of these indicators, then you should have a good reason to worry that you are either headed for a bitter divorce or a break up.

If you don’t trust your partner any longer, he or she equally seems to have lost trust in you. Your partner has more confidence sharing your matters with third party than with you, he or she plans things alone and you get to know about it either too late or from other sources.

There is no commitment to keep your relationship strong. If neither of you seems to care about your mutual dreams, tasks and projects are either failing or have stalled – and only one partner feels worried or worse still both of you seem not to care at all.

You solve your problems in public, symbolically washing your dirty linens in public. You hoard resentment for long. You quarrel and fight in the hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. You brawl in front of kids and you are always shouting down each other. You can’t let each other talk. You interject, interrupt and behave with disrespect towards each other.

There are cases of cheating, affairs, and unfaithfulness, a lot of grass appearing greener on the other side. You opt to satisfy your love elsewhere and find comfort in other people other than your partner. You fake excuses to spend time away from home, preferring to take your meals at a local restaurant. You extend your time in the office because you don’t want to get home early. And you take pleasure in hanging out with friends over the weekends than being with your partner.

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