Cheap Prom Dress Styles Worth the First Date

Did you know you can get an intricate yet cheap prom dress for that special occasion? Have organized a party, either to celebrate your sweet sixteen birthday, anniversary or one of your friends has invited you to a well organized homecoming?

It may be your own party or just another friend’s occasion or that much awaited prom you and friends have all along waited for. Whatever occasion you’re looking forward to, you definitely want to create presence. I guess your boyfriend might also be there, waiting to see you stand out from the crowd.

There’s indeed no better way to have a lasting impression in a dance, anniversary or a party than appearing in a sexy, elegant dress. Your boyfriend will wish this is what you wore on your first date. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you arm and foot. Thanks to many online prom and short party dress stores offering intricate yet cheap prom dress styles.

Just like they knew what you could afford for a party dress at the moment. I’m talking about figures as low as $50, or at least as an assurance not anything above a hundred US dollars.

one shoulder sequin cheap prom dress
One Shoulder Sequin Dress

As you look forward to creating a sticking impression, think of a chic dress with a playful style. Think about a dress that gives you freedom, boosts your high esteem and enhances your presence. You can be sure that a one shoulder sequin dress, preferably gold or a color of your own inspirations will make heads turn. What a great move to make him feel honored. If he doesn’t give a thumbs up for this one then I don’t know what else he’ll appreciate you for.

You want a short party dress that flatters your figure and this is what you get with choosing a single strap dress with a slim fitting bodice. And you can wear your short cheap prom dress either at a party, that much awaited sweet sixteen prom or even a homecoming.


For a dress that gives you freedom; freedom to show more of your skin and those youthful slender legs, then you don’t have to fumble around dress styles. You can go for a brilliant short V-neck form fitting dress – there are those times you want something fitting, a dress that brings out your impressive figure and curves too.

You can be sure that your selection of a cocktail dress will make every head to turn. I bet your boyfriend is going to be thrilled all the way and wish this is what you wore on the first date or that day he first took you out for coffee.

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An open back form fitting V-neck cocktail dress is a no brainer and indeed a choice you can’t afford to ignore if you want to have a lasting impression on your forthcoming party, and it won’t even cost you anything more than a $100.

Whatever you choose to wear on your homecoming, party, prom or any forthcoming occasion, make sure you go for a choice that inspires you most. Whether in terms of color size or styles, you can be assured to find a cheap prom dress yet intricate enough to grace your occasion and to have someone want to plan another day out just for two of you.

Which one of these dresses would you wear for a party? Please feel free to share your views with other readers by leaving your comment below and remember to check back on what others are saying.

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