Bride’s Ideas on Avoiding Last Minute Wedding Conflicts

Your wedding day carries great expectations, and nothing should stay on your way towards a happy and successful wedding. It doesn’t matter how much your parents, friends or colleagues want to advise you, the last word will have to come from you. Otherwise you allow everyone to have their hands on your wedding and you create a conflict of interests. This would of course not do you any good. Be in control of your wedding arrangements.

Handle your maids.

If you want to have peace on your wedding day, you’ll need to check the number of your maids. A high number of maids is likely to strain you as you try to solve their problems like the delayed wedding collections and so on. But again, it depends on your maids ability to work with deadlines. Set deadline on when every helm should be done and if there are those who can’t meet them you’d better lay them off. Have some diplomacy so that they are not bitter with your decision.


Although you have the discretion on every move and activity towards your wedding, it’s obvious that you can’t handle everything by yourself. Commit the groom to assist in some arrangements. See what you can delegate to your close friends and parents. Commit those who are supporting you financially, especially your parents so that they don’t feel your only interest is for them to fund your wedding.

Stagger your pre-wedding party.

Having your pre – wedding party very close to your wedding may be a bit strenuous and can have bad effects on your health and moods. You don’t want to approach your wedding day with dampened spirits. You can preferably have your pre – wedding party at least a fortnight before the main event.

Guest list.

The size of the wedding you aspire to have will determine the number of guests to host. Do you want a large wedding or a small wedding? The best thing you can do is to provide a list of your guests names to those helping you with the arrangements. If your parents have their own guests and you feel by including them will affect the size of your wedding, you can suggest to them that they plan a post wedding party where you can join them and celebrate together after returning from your honeymoon so that they have a chance to include their friends and relatives.

Agree early on honeymoon.

Get things right by agreeing with the groom early enough on where¬† you’d want to spend your honeymoon. You don’t want to have conflicting choices when the wedding is due. May be he thinks you should fly abroad for your honeymoon but on the other hand you know a great resort within. You need some ample time to come to consensus on such diverse views to avoid any last moment differences.

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