Bride’s Dreamiest Wedding Cake Ideas

The choice of a wedding cake is very important hence wise decisions should be made in terms of the baker, caterer, flavor, size and decorations on the cake. Gone are the days of traditional round cakes with white icing. The modern set up presents a wide variety of cakes’ colors, designs, shapes, flavors and sizes. With a few tips on selection a bride can make this day memorable with a classic dream cake.

Different bakers offer diverse types of cakes hence the need to know how to choose the ideal cake for your wedding. It may partly depend on your likes as the bride. You may materialize on an idea and give specifications of the same to your baker. It is necessary to visit different bakers to compare the ideas and styles before settling on one baker for your wedding cake. You should take a point of even tasting the cakes to verify their quality, texture and flavor.

One’s wedding budget should also direct in the buying of a wedding cake. Your choice should be compatible with your budget to avoid over or under spending on the cake. The number of guests should be considered in choosing the size of the cake and even the number of tiers. Many guests may prompt you to budget for a larger cake for your wedding as opposed to fewer guests. Cakes come in different designs, colors and shapes. Your wedding cake should at least be in line with the color scheme of your wedding for example the color of the bridesmaids dresses can direct in choosing the color of decorations on the wedding cake.

Decorations on the wedding cake are usually made using icing or silk. You may be directed by the reception colors, flowers or any other decoration that you desire. Determining your wedding cake’s flavor depends on your taste or preferences. Flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, blackforest or chocolate would work well for cupcakes as your guests will get a chance to choose their favorite flavors. Other spicy flavors include carrot and coconut among others.

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