Bliss Dimmed as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

On July the 15, about a month from when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony solemnized their marriage, the couple publicly announced their decision to split. Contrary to how Lopez and Marc have presented themselves to the public, appearing close and freely enjoying mutual smooches, it seems they have had a lot to endure, to the shock of many.

In 2004, the couple came together in what appeared to be a well crafted decision, a secret wedding party that left many startled. The guests were only invited to what the couple called an “afternoon party”, and they didn’t know that they were actually witnessing the celebrities wedding occasion.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage of seven years has two fraternal kids, Max and Emme. Although not many people had expected their union split news, the same has not come as a surprise as many celebrities have in the recent past hit the headlines with the news of divorce and separation. Only a few months the famous movie maker and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his long time wife Maria publicly announced their decision to separate. This should be a wake up call for couples who care for their relationships not to fall to celebrity glee at the expense of marital bliss.

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