Beyond the Four Cs of Diamond, a Happy Couple and a Gold Ring

There is no doubt we all want to do the best to the persons we love, especially when it comes to buying an important item like an engagement ring. Before you even decide on the type of an engagement ring to buy for her, whether as a surprise or mutually agreed arrangement, there are a few things you’ve got to consider. You may have been familiar with the basics, at least you know about the four Cs of diamond – the cut, clarity, color and carats. Beyond the basics lies the reality that every young couple aspiring to bring joy and happiness to each other ought to know

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You need to ask yourself a few questions before going out to purchase an engagement ring. For instance you may want to compare between the different color settings. Would you for example desire gold color or platinum settings? Many people prefer Gold to platinum color settings for they think that the later is gratuitously too expensive. While it’s good to be careful on spending and that love is not only measured by how much you can spend on your sweetheart, you might change your mind and surprise her with a platinum color setting this valentine or any other season for that matter.

Gold color setting may indeed be the most appropriate thing to consider when it comes to cost implications. But on the other hand you may end up overspending, and even feeling cheated to have gone for a gold color setting if your pricey ring ends up discoloring. This normally happens in many white gold rings which are ideally made of a mixture of yellow gold and some white metals which are subject to peeling off with time. What ends up making your choice for white gold color setting even more costly than the platinum is the fact that you’d want to have your ring re-plated with some special silver colored metals, a process that again may need to be repeated after every year to keep your ring alluring. This may end up costing you from $50 to $150, depending on where you choose to have your re-plating done. Specialty plating stores will of course charge you more than what you’d pay at your regular wedding jewelry store.

When it comes to re-plating there are some metals that may cause allergies and you don’t want this to happen to your girlfriend. A happy couple cares for each other even when it comes to the choice of an engagement ring. As different people may react differently to allergies, even sometimes their skins turning into some strange colors, you may want to avoid some metals that have been seen to react with a number of people. Some of the so called gold rings are made of Nickel, a metal that has been know to cause some skin allergies. The most recommended metals that are also know to cause little or no reaction are rhodium and palladium. These are some of the few hypoallergenic metals that you should stress on every time you want your white gold ring re-plated.


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