Best ideas to promote closeness and intimacy in a relationship

Happiness is a key virtue in any relationship. But happy couples are those that maintain closeness. And to be close to each other doesn’t come without making sacrifices. Many cases of unfaithfulness result from negligence to doing whatever it takes to keep closeness alive. There is no connection without closeness. That’s why couples need to make tough choices to find quality time and remain well connected with each other.

Turn off your cell phone.
A cell phone is an important tool for communication and keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues. A few moments to follow up your friends on social networks, texting your best friend a good night message, or just surfing around the internet. Sophisticated mobile devices with awesome features are being manufactured daily, thanks to the advanced technology. And some can steal the attention intended for a spouse, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. All said, it doesn’t matter how important it is to keep in touch with friends, colleagues or the outer world, the most important thing is to give some quality time to your partner, even if it means turning off that mobile device for some time – especially if you can’t help getting tempted to have your hand glued there.

Unplug  the TV
You may have realized that most TV programs are geared towards some market objectives, especially those news channels we always want to catch up with. It’s widely believed that good news don’t sell, making the TV news channels to flood our minds with negative broadcasts that often create fear, panic and distress. Such anxiety can affect intimacy, as disturbed mind is likely to result to low sex drive or other complicated health conditions. If you must follow some programs, make sure you make good choices on what you want to allow in your mind. I’m not trying to say that burn your TV. I’m only saying you can manage the time you spend in front of it at the expense of your spouse.

Defend one another.
There are those bad times that things turn against your partner. He or she may be in the wrong. But you should be the last person to throw stones at them. That’s not the time to tell them that you saw it coming. Or that you had warned it would happen. Give support and show all forms of solidarity in the times of distress. Settling of scores as to whether he or she made mistakes can follow much later when they have overcome their distress.

Show Companionship.
One of the best ways to build intimate connection is by being your spouse’s, girlfriend or boyfriend’s best companion. Try to empathize with their situations, identify with their challenges and see how you can help. It helps a great deal to know that there is someone who cares in your life.

Create boundaries.
There is always that temptation to carry your unfinished office business home. There seems to be no difference between your house and the office. This can have very negative effects on your relationship. Create a boundary between the working hours and family time. Your job is important, but your relationship is supreme. Unless you are a fire fighter attached to an emergency unit or a doctor on call, you definitely need to accord quality time to your partner.

Learn to let go.
You can’t please all people out there. Neither can you do everything. And you can still not keep all friends or all things. If something you wanted to do proves to be difficult or begins to create a barrier between you and your spouse, then know it’s time to let it go. There is time for everything. Time to make friends and time to leave friends. I’m not saying it’s easy but it calls for your tough action to lessen the baggage off your back so that you can keep your relationship intimate, connected and happy.

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