Top Honeymoon Destinations in Canada

It’s the dream of every woman to have the best wedding in town, but on the other hand, it’s the desire of every loving guy to plan and deliver on the most romantic destination for a honeymoon once the wedding is over. Because a woman will not have a full climax for her wedding without a well thought honeymoon. If you are looking for honeymoon destinations in Canada, for your honeymoon, holiday or wedding anniversary, then you’re on the right track. Canada is distinguished for its iconic sites, and romantic locations.

Toronto, Canada Leads Top Honeymoon Destinations in Canada

Toronto is rated highly by many couples, and most of those who visit there for honeymoon get the treat of their lives. The city of Toronto has a life that invokes romance, both in the day and in the night. And not just because of its magnificent building or illumined glitzy night look. It’s also known for out-of-this world hotels and restaurants.

Whether you’d like to take your new bride out for movies in the cool of the night or relax at the classic waterside hotels such as the famous Sotto Sotto, you can be sure she’ll live to thank you for such well thought out honeymoon destinations in Canada.

Kluane National Park, Yukon

This is another place that shouldn’t escape your mind as you figure out on the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Canada. If your new bride is into adventure and you want her to enjoy every bit of your surprise or mutually agreed destination, then this is the place you want to be. Kluane National Park is one of the most amazing places in the world.

The extensive park has earned world recognition and visitors come from far and wide to have a glimpse of the highest mountain in Canada. Some of the things to see and do include the famous Mt Logan, and to indulge into romantic bonding activities such as canoeing, mountain biking as well as enjoying the amazing wildlife and the best of Canadian bird species.


The city is no doubt another place you should consider as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Canada. The famous city earns its name from the world-famous Niagara Falls which is just a couple of miles from here, in fact just about 15 minutes drive, and its one of Canada’s most visited destinations.

Niagara-on-the-lake may be a small town but its beauty and abundance of activities are by far greater than its size. You shouldn’t miss Niagara-on-the-lake’s most esteemed events such as the most celebrated Shaw Festival.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Canada, Quebec City
Quebec city

Quebec City

The famed Quebec City is synonymous with romance and it should come on top of the list in your surprise gifts for your new bride new bride. If you are the kind of men who like holding a honeymoon destination as a surprise gift for their new wives, then this is it.

Quebec is indeed where ancient civilization and modern culture converge. With a rich European heritage dated from as early as the 17th Century, the beautiful architecture reflects on the conspicuous cobblestone streets – a neatness that evokes intimacy in every step you make down the wondrous streets. You’ll wish that you’d proposed to her along the dramatic streets.

Other top honeymoon destinations in Canada include Lake Louise, Alberta, Heart’s Delight, Newfoundland and the most toured Eastern Townships. Of course there are many other great sites in Canada that can make your honeymoon excellent, but these ones serve as great eye openers that indeed this is the region you ought to seriously consider, if you want your new life to begin with a bonding that will forever reignite intimacy towards a perfect bliss.


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