Being Smart in a New Relationship – the Dos and Donts

It’s common to fumble on what to do and not to do in a new relationship, especially during your first few dates. Nobody wants to make mistakes in handling new love, a fact that makes many shiver, with butterflies all over their bellies. Some of these tested principles will help and guide you on top dos and don’t s in handling new date.

Prepare for the Best but be Ready for the Worst.

All is set and you are ready to meet your newly found love and you are burning with passion to meet the person you’ve always dreamed about. But you’ve got to be realistic and lower your expectations. That way, you’ll be able to handle both the the disappointments and excitements. If a date turns out to be a super one, you’ll be proud. If he or she disappoints, you’ll easily move on and wont have to care much, don’t you think so?

Avoid luxurious locations

On your first date, you don’t have to pick any of those exclusive restaurants. You may instead want to take your date to a home set-up environment, where after a home-made meal you can find a good environment for a game you may both come to like. This might turn out to be the best foot to get you to the other side of your newly found love.

Dress to kill but avoid excesses

Dressing modestly on your first date is not an option. But you’ve got to be careful not to pull out an excessive clad. Your choice of shoes ought to be well thought. There is no doubt about the high heels being seen as the most romantic and the best way to pull out your body swings. But you might have to walk a lot and you don’t want to end up treating blisters at the end of your date. In your dressing you should not appear like you are all out to flirt him or he might think you are an easy-going.

Be attentive to his affirmations

The first date gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with your boyfriend. Don’t take it for granted. It’s the time to speak less and listen more, getting attentive to what he has to say as this may give you directions whether this date will translate into something worth to spend more of your time in the future.

Don’t Sound Investigative

There is no doubt that being your first date you are anxious to get to know your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you can. Well, you need to know that most people don’t fancy in chains of questions that would make them feel like they are under investigations. Ask what is most necessary, preferably on the topics he or she has initiated instead of digging out new accounts.

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