Anthony Weiner facebook affair and why Cheating is too costly

Mr. Anthony Weiner, a democrat from New York recently admitted to engaging in online cheating. In his apology through a press statement, Weiner said he was sorry for the pain he caused his wife Huma. The Congress man termed his actions of distributing explicit messages  and pictures to the women he met on Facebook as ‘terrible mistakes’

Online affairs just like other common cheating can turn out to be  regrettable. Divorce, separations and broken relationships are some of the worst case scenarios arising from such unfaithfulness. An online affair can begin as a normal online chat, Facebook inbox message or a tweet. Megan broussard, one of the women involved in the serial online affair with Rep. Anthony Weiner says the Congressman started pursuing him soon after she liked his YouTube video speech. The 26 year old single mother reveals that they would go ahead to exchange hundreds of messages.

Surprisingly this happens when some of very powerful personalities are battling with the bitter truth about their unmasked lives. The former IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has lost both the face and arguably one of the most lucrative jobs in the world.

The former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s news are still fresh in the airwaves. He recently announced they were separating with wife, Maria Shriver amid revelations of cheating with his worker, bringing down their 25 years marriage. Mildred Patricia Baena, who worked for Schwarzenegger’s family was pregnant with the governors child the same time Maria was expecting their youngest son.

We can’t forget what happened to Kenya’s  Olympic Marathon hero, Samuel Kamau Wanjiru. The 24 year old champion’s remains are still lying in the morgue following a court injunction. His death is still a mystery. It was reported that his wife found him in bed with another woman. Preliminary reports said that he fell from the balcony as he ran after the wife to stop her from sneaking to raise an alarm.

This is why cheating, whether online, at home or in the office should not be given a foot hold for it can really turn out to be very humiliating, sad and costly.

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