Amazing Bridesmaids Dresses Every Bride Would Want to Try

A successful wedding occasion is determined by an array of excellent fundamentals among them a well sort and organized bridal party. And to get things right from the onset, you’ve got to be impeccable in the manner you choose or invite your bridesmaids. Picking the design and the color of bridesmaids dresses has to be perfect too.

Indeed, you want your occasion to stand out. You want to steal the show and you want your fiancée as well as all your guests to keep admiring you and your bridal party throughout the occasion. The following bridesmaids trends are meant to help you achieve just that.

Selection and Invitation of Bridesmaids

There’s no doubt that you have many friends and you are still making more every day. But you don’t just want any friend out there to make it to your bridesmaids’ list. Not every friend is happy that you are getting married after all. Though they don’t go announcing their feelings to everyone, you can’t fail to distinguish between those who have always wished you well and those who have been dwarfed by your success.

You want your wedding occasion to be a rare moment for celebrating love between you and your boyfriend. You don’t want your occasion to be a battle ground between you and any disgruntled female friend. That’s why you need to be selective in identifying the girls you want to make it to your occasion.

Being creative in your invitation will not only make the ladies feel honored but will also make them feel special. Avoid the same old way of sending invitations and go for unique ways such as including the lyrics of a sweet song or a poem before your request note.

Bridesmaids Dresses

You don’t have to be tied to the same old boring designs when there are so many new trends out there. Lately, many designers have started making chic dresses that are more revealing, fun, and flirty yet feminine enough for the momentous occasion. Essentially, most experienced and trendy bridesmaids’ dress designers are paying more attention to the type of the fabric than the size – and I bet you wouldn’t mind going the same way.

The girls will also love the idea because they would feel free to wear their dresses during other occasions, seasons and events after the wedding is over. Alternatively you can create a pattern where some girls can wear full length dresses while others show more of their legs.

Go for bold Colors


Bridesmaids Trends
Aqua Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Most brides don’t shy off from choosing bridesmaids dresses of colors that inspire them. You shouldn’t too. Whether you want bold colors such as bright aqua, silver, pink or green for the main dress or simply for accentuation, you can be sure that your girls will stand out, making you feel confident throughout the wedding occasion.


The Flower girls

Accented Flower girls and Bridesmaids Dresses
Accented Flower girl Dresses

Unlike the mature girls, little girls look great in fully accented, flower girl dresses and you can get as creative as you can, depending on your wedding theme, inspiration or the type of the wedding and how much you’d want to complement or contrast them.


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