Am I Really His Girlfriend or Should I Take a Walk?

There comes a time in dating when you can’t tell whether you are still his girlfriend or whether you should simply take a walk out of his life. While it’s common to sometimes feel confused about what he thinks about you as his girlfriend, it’s justified to be concerned, especially where your boyfriend’s behavior suddenly changes. The following 5 tips are some of the most common indicators that you may no longer be his girlfriend, even though he has not announced it to you.

He has been avoiding to discuss your future plans

If your boyfriend grows cold or appears vexed every time you try to introduce the future plans, then you might be slowly slipping out of his minds. Guys will always be passionate to discuss what plans they have for future and they want their girlfriends to feel that they are part and parcel in such arrangements.

He’s shy to introduce you to his buddies

No man is proud of his girlfriend and still feels shy to show her off to his friends or colleagues. At least he should have some lead gestures that you are his special gal. There shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed about you, unless he is still stuck in the valley of decision about you or he has another girlfriend that his friends are aware of.

He is not in a hurry to introduce you to his parents or other family members.

Depending on the duration you have been dating, but if you have been together close to one year and he doesn’t seem to talk about your meeting his parents or that he avoids to be with you when he is meeting his close relatives, this may be a sign that you are not his intended soul mate.

He avoids you in public functions

If he’s always giving excuses not to attend public functions with you like the close of the year dinner, party or any of his friends anniversary, then you might not really be his girlfriend. Who else should he be with unless that function is strictly supposed to be attended by his officials or colleagues.

No more weekend dates

Your boyfriend is nowadays never available for you over the weekend and if he ever arranges a date it has to be any other day apart from that Friday and Saturday, then you have to think twice. You don’t want to squander your prime opportunity with a ‘boyfriend’ who might soon break your heart. Create a moment for a good discussion for him to come out clearly and assure you that you are really his girlfriend or simply take a walk.

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