A second Chance to get your Ex back and things you Must do

A broken relationship can be a source of grief and despair. It’s indescribably painful to part with a friend you have shared great moments and unreservedly given out your heart. It’s even bitter to feel that your ex has ditched you for mistakes you could have avoided. And you feel like you need to reverse the situation to have him or her back.

You can’t stop to think of the close moments, when you walked hand in hand, leaning to each other’s shoulder and occasionally holding hands in public. You remember his caring voice, when he called in the late evenings to announce his special love for you. You still have fond memories about the romantic coffee joints you visited together, the numerous love outings, the leisure drives, the happy moments you frequented book stores to check on dating, love and relationship best sellers.

You don’t want anyone to remind you about the prized gifts and surprises of love, the engagement ring he gave you when he popped the question and that perfect place he chose to announce that he wanted to marry you. Most of all the classic wedding you always dreamed about.

With all these sweet turned bitter memories you definitely feel that given a second chance you’d badly want to have you ex back.

Building a relationship with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is a great way to restore brokenness of heart but it can be tricky, especially when he or she is set to move on without you.

But here are some of the things to observe as you look forward to a possible bonding with your ex if you get that second chance.

Avoid jumping into any new relationship. Most people find themselves making this mistake after breaking up. With bitterness, they want to make him or her jealous that they are in demand by hurriedly starting other relationships. Unfortunately they get into love they were not ready for – a reason that leads to the next break up sooner or later.

Don’t push your ex. The last thing you want to do is to nag your ex with phone calls, over-texting or stalking him or her. He or she should be given space to slowly rebuild confidence, trust and the love they have lost. You don’t want to appear desperate, a mistake many people make.

Fill the cracks of the broken hearts.

Of course there are enough reasons why you parted ways with your ex. It’s important to ask yourself whether you are willing to find a binding resolution. If you are the one on the wrong side, you need to pro actively get out of your way, look for ways to correct your faults and prove that you have really changed.

If you succeed to have your ex back, and many do, make efforts to move forward and not to dwell on the past failures. Keeping on revisiting the wrongs he or she did to you will only worsen the situation. You don’t want to put out the light you have traced at the end of the tunnel.

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