A Great Relationship Manual by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw


Tittle: Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner

Author: Phillip C. McGraw Ph.D

Pages: 272

Relationship rescue is one of the most read books on relationships, written by a renowned American author and television personality Phillip C. McGraw, popularly known as Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil handles head-on, one of the most sensitive subjects – the relationships, with a great scholarly and a practical approach. He doesn’t promise that the book is a straight or express cure for all relationships fusses. He however promotes in the reader an attitude of self realization to the level of coming to one’s own senses. He lifts you to the level of dropping and shunning any false ideologies and myths about a successful relationship.

In this book Dr. Phil talks to you, his reader, with a honest mind. He writes with understanding that you may not want to hear the facts articulated in this book. But at the same time he repeatedly pricks you to take responsibility amidst the storms swaying your relationship and rise to the occasion, to catch the moment of re-evaluating your whole lifestyle and not just some sorry past events.

The author believes that for you as the reader to benefit with this rich resource you need to conduct a vigorous and thorough self examination and come out of simple imaginative concept about a healthy relationship.

This is an express cover to cover read as Dr. Phil’s persuasive style keeps you on your toes to curiously want to turn the next page for more standard raising and eye opening principles relevant to your relationship.

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