7 Things Why Single Women Should be Happy

Being single is different from being caged, and nobody should look down on you just because you have chosen to remain single or that your time to get a man of your dream is yet to come. There are many things that single women should be happy about and not find the state of being single as a curse but a benediction. Here are some of the top reasons why being a single woman should be something to rejoice about.

Be Happy Now. As a single woman you need to know that your happiness is not in a man. And you shouldn’t postpone your potential until you get married. Your wings are still operational and you don’t need a man to begin to fly. Take to the sky now and know what it means to stay above average.

Define What You Want to be. Use your time of being a single woman to occupy your space. There are things you will have no freedom to do when in marriage. There will be sanctions before you can go ahead to spend on your fashions, your education or developing your career. This is the time you need to develop your career as a woman. Get to what you believe you were made be. If you think you were born to fly, do just that – fly. He wont be able to clip your seasoned wings. At least he will have loved you when you are still flying. If you want a second degree, or change a profession this is the time to do it. And be happy that you have done that now.

Enjoy Your Freedom. Before you have a guy who thinks he knows the best color of your jeans, the size below or above the knees of your skirts or the best attire for your anniversary party. If you like a certain hair style, go ahead and perfect it. Create your dressing brand and defend it. If you are into traveling, go out to places and have the fun that goes with that freedom. What a lovely stage of being a happy single woman.

Own Property. Beat the ordinary expectations of a woman. Take this time and be your own Petra Ecclestone. If you can too can own an $85 million mansion at Los Angeles, or anywhere in the world, then go ahead and do just that. At least there would be no one to raise their eye brows or force their ego on you. And when a man eventually comes in your life, he will respect the ground you have covered. Don’t you think so?

Enjoy Your Quality Private Time. Just being alone and doing what you like doing best is something you don’t want to trade off. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. It means being able to express yourself without having to look over your shoulders to seek consent. Reorganize your bedroom ten times a week if that makes you happy. Choose living room decors of your choice and feel good about your choice. Make use of the freedom to choose what you want, any time you want it and learn to appreciate what you are able to do on your own.

Perfect Your Dreams. Everyone has at least one dream in life. You have that thing you are dreaming to do. Don’t dwell on the dream. Begin to do it and do it well, at least now that you living your own life. You’ll soon realize that there are things you’d not have attempted if you were not single. And you can agree with me that being single is not a curse but a blessing in disguise.

Appreciate Your State of Being Single. Unless you learn how to appreciate what you can do as a single woman, you may not see the numerous opportunities embedded in being single. Whether a guy will come asking for your hand in marriage or whether you end up staying single, the bottom line is – singleness can be enjoyed to its fullest.

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