7 Indicators He is Not The Right Guy for You

You have just started hanging out with this guy that looks cool but your inner feelings are cautious. He looks determined, closing in on you and you can predict that he might soon be asking for your hand in marriage. You are not sure whether he’s a perfect match for you, and you fear that you might make a mistake. You don’t have to. Sit back and reason with me to confirm whether he might be the dream guy you have been waiting for or you should simply take a walk.

Does he give you space and freedom to make your informed decisions?

An understanding man does not have to be all over a woman, monitoring and tracking her ways, trying to sanction every outing and event. You are in the wrong arms if your guy has been trying to micro manage you like a little baby. If you must ask for his permission to attend your friend’s birthday or graduation. He is likely to be insecure in relationship and a stalker in marriage.

Is he in a hurry to propose marriage?

Although it’s not practical to suggest how long a relationship should wait before settling for marriage, it’s wise to avoid doing things in a hurry. It’s good to spend quality time learning the secret side of each other. I’m not trying to suggest that you can learn everything about your partner before marriage. But it’s cool to buy some time to separate emotions from affection. If he hurries you up and wants to settle in marriage as soon as possible, then you don’t need more yellow cards, that’s an ultimate red flag.

Does he force you to change.

A guy wants to choose your wardrobe, insisting on certain dress code and gets mad with you if you go for your own choice. He doesn’t like your friends apart from those known to him personally and you keep fighting on things you love outside his preferences. You don’t just walk out on him – you’d better run.

He holds deep secrets about his past.

You are dating a guy who never likes sharing anything about his past and you only get to know about his ex girlfriends through your friends or his friends. You’d be lucky if he wouldn’t be soon cheating on you. He has deep secrets about his job, acquaintances or business partners and deals. It’s unlikely that you are being courted for happiness. One thing is clear though – You are courting trouble.

He hardly makes sacrifices for you.

You always plead with him any time you want him to do something for you. He can’t pick you because he is busy with what he calls important engagements and he rarely finds quality time for you.

He can’t tell them he loves you.

He can’t tell you he loves you in public without feeling uneasy, and even when he says it you can see his struggle. He forgets to introduce you to his friends or keeps putting off any possibility to meet his family members.

You are unsettled.

You are beginning to feel like you need to be on the look out for a more suitable guy than face a looming disappointment. You need to take your feelings seriously.

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