5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Many people think of cheating as a habit widely preserved for men. While it’s true that men stray more than women, there are so many women who cheat on their partners. But the reasons that push women to infidelity are totally different from the ones that push men to cheat. A recent survey linked men’s behavior to a thrill DRD4 gene that is also responsible for alcohol and substance addiction. But ladies behave badly for different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why a number of women are likely on the loose.

They’re out for romance

Most men make mistakes by imagining that women don’t like romance, and that they have to be jam-started for love making all the time. But females are made differently. They have a super way of being seductive and at the same time being repulsive. Just like a lioness seduces the male but still fights him when he responds – to keep him passionate a little longer. Men who fail to get familiar with this art think their partners are insensitive to their sexual needs. They get frustrated and lose the passion, only to unknowingly leave their partners yearning for romance. And once many fail to get it, they end up secretly straying.

They think men are not available

The last thing a woman wants to have is a man who’s never available for her. It doesn’t matter how genuine the reasons seem to be. Most men miss the mark by not balancing between making more money (taking a second or a third job) and being there for their spouses. And women hate to live in loneliness. That’s why many opt to seek companionship elsewhere. And the old adage that “out of sight – out of mind” applies.

When they’re not sure of relationship security

Women value security. She wants to be in a secure relationship and not a shaky union where she’s always feeling threatened. If she can’t be assured that she is there to stay, she is likely to hold someone as a reserve, a guy she can always turn to just in case her present relationship breaks away.

They’re out to revenge

Women have been called the weaker sex. But they have various strong ways of expressing their feelings. If she can’t fight back physically and she knows her man has been unfaithful, she might want to revenge by doing the same. So the man may be getting an equal measure of the trouble he has authored.

Different goals

A couple that can’t dream and share in the same goals easily strains in a relationship. They can’t plan together, play games or choose same hobbies. Such relationships have little passion and no room for romance. Women like vibrant relationships. They like to compare. They know many couples who enjoy matched interests. And they can’t always suffer from endless jealousy. If your queen is missing this pleasure, just because your interests differ, she might be tempted to look for it elsewhere.

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