5 Reasons Why He’s Not Ready to Propose

It’s always joyful for a woman to have a man she loves go down on one knee proposing marriage. A proposal acts as a deposit of love or as a seal of ownership to a guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. But some guys can appear unpredictable, and ladies hate to keep on waiting for a marriage proposal that seems not to be anywhere near. The following reasons may be some of the things why your boyfriend is taking all his time before he even dreams of proposing.

Bad examples of marriage

Most guys are so sensitive  with life that they fear taking chances. To make sure that they are doing the right things in choosing a life partner they’ll borrow a lot from the success or failure of their parents, friends or close relatives. If all or most of the persons in his life have either divorced, separated or are always out for counseling sessions, then your boyfriend may not just be about to propose.

He is chasing a career

If a guy feels that he wants to pursue a career before he can begin a family, then you might be waiting for a proposal that is yet to be hatched. Most men want first to have a dream job, drive a good car and be financially stable before they can think of marriage.

He may not be ready to raise a family

What is the attitude of your boyfriend about kids? Is he ready to be a dad or does he still feel it’s too soon. If he appears non-committal in most of your discussions about raising a family, then that may be one of the top reasons why he is yet to propose

He is not sure you’ll match his dreams

Most guys want to be sure that your dreams will complement the ones he already has and may just be taking his time to understand your passion. Men are like giraffes. They see far and wide and are able to calculate the number of strides they need to make to reach there. Your boyfriend should not imagine that you are going to be a stumbling block in pursuit of his dreams or else his proposal may not be forthcoming.

He is still a mother’s boy

If your guy is still swearing with his mother, keeps on telling you how close they are and that he always has to consult her before making any decision, then your relationship is yet to come out of the woods. He might still be waiting for her nod before he can think of when to propose.

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