5 Reasons Why he Might Propose Soon

There is a certain point in a relationship that you anticipate for your guy’s proposal, and you feel it’s the right time for you to get married. This happens with many girls when they feel that their relationship has grown to a serious level and there is nothing that should stand in their way. Having said that and all indicators pointing to a proposal, you may however be wondering whether your guy will ever propose and let out those four powerful words – “will you marry me?” Well, no need to worry. That may just be about to happen. And here are some of the reasons why you’ve got the feelings that he might propose soon.

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1. The reason that your guy might be proposing soon may be too elaborate that you don’t even need to be told. You may find that your guy pays attention to acquiring his own property and involves you in his longterm plans. This definitely implies that he is seeing the seriousness of life and wants to build a future together with you. For instance, he may also be talking of raising children, retirement savings, buying a house or any other future plans. He may also start asking questions about the future to know if you are also ready to say yes to his upcoming proposal. For example, how many babies would you like to have and where you would want to live. It shows that he is ready to pop up the question.

2. You may as well notice that your guy has started acting as if you had just started dating. He will show acts of love and tend to be more affectionate in his deeds. For instance he might bring you flowers and ask you out for more dates. And of course when he is doing that he is trying to cover all the reasons that would make you say no to his proposal. He is working for a yes! These are purely gestures of love caused by the excitement of wanting to marry you soon. Another reason is that he will definitely get a little nervous about the issue not knowing how to react to it hence the only option being to show you affection.

3. Your might not be wrong about the feeling that your guy is about to propose when he takes your family like his own. This sudden interest in your family is a hint that he wants you as his wife. By taking your family specially and feeling free to interact with them in gatherings, barbecues and birthdays shows that he has great interest in you. When he also talks a lot about them, then you have a reason to feel that the engagement ring is around the corner.

4. You may have a feeling that he is ready to marry you when he talks a lot about weddings and other couples. He may also be more interested in attending weddings and wanting to learn more about the details and quizzing you on some of the issues such as the cake, center pieces and so on. This is a clear sign that he is anxious about having a wedding of his own soon and that he wants to prepare for the best by considering your opinion.

5. The reason why you can’t help feeling that your guy is ready to propose is when he finds all the reasons in the planet to be around you. It means that he craves for you and that he wants to be close to you almost all the time. During this time is when he will clean up all his acts by being helpful in many ways such as helping out with cleaning the dishes and preparing breakfast or offering to cook dinner for you. By doing this, he is trying to prove that he can handle domestic life and that he is a husband material.

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