5 Holiday Relationship Breakers you Must Avoid

A holiday is a period when you are not preoccupied with much of your regular routines and you feel you want to make time for leisure and friends. This is also the time you find most people connecting with past friends, past lovers as well as trying to build new relationships. This may be the beginning of good things or a beginning to ruin your existing relationship as well as your holiday. You’ve got to be organized on how you want to spend your holiday.

1. For you to enjoy your holiday without regrets, you have to keep off your past sweethearts. Connecting with your ex over the holiday may not be strange, and many people have found themselves trapped in great indecision. Although there maybe still some strings attached, make sure you are not in regular contact. But if you keep on running into each other, you can avoid spending much time with him or her as this will help you get rid of him or her as well as the temptations for getting intimate with them.

You may also find that you easily and liberally want to get intimate with each other even without you noticing. Your current lover may get the wrong impression of you if he gets to know of it while the other guy may conclude that you are back together. You can be sure that would be nothing to be happy about such a distressing holiday.

2. Gifts are the most obvious surprises during holidays especially where you offer gifts to your lover, spouse, friends, or your family members. You may want to show some sort of appreciation to your lover by getting them a token simply to make them happy. However, you may be surprised at the recipient’s reaction that you may consider a bit weird for instance where one just looks at the gift and then says “thank you” and nothing more. Certainly, he or she may have underestimated your gift or may be because you are new in the relationship and you don’t know his or her likes yet.

Some gifts make guys appear tiny to their girlfriends and that is not what you would want. The best gift that you can offer to your guy or your girlfriend for that matter is your time during the festive season. Go for experimental things like playing his favorite games together, going out for movies, dinner dates and trips and other things you can make in your creativity.

3 Never think of breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend when the holiday is just around the corner lest you will have the worst feeling ever. Breaking up at such a time means that you won’t have that very special person around to spend your holiday with. This might be so hurting making you feel awful throughout the holiday. But if it does happen and nothing you could do to avert it, then that doesn’t mean that you will never love again. Have the intended fun on your holiday and spend it with the right people who will build your relationship and challenge you to make better resolutions after the festivities are over.

4. Your boyfriend may want you to visit his family during the holiday so that you can familiarize with them. As a descent girlfriend, you should be careful with your speech and reaction to even the most common things. Act the good family girl and eat what you are offered and show your appreciation. Avoid bad comments that may spoil the relationship between you and and your guy’s family. In case your mother in law or any other family member overhears your negative comment, you should not hesitate to apologize and make up to avoid being referred to as the girlfriend who “offended my mother”.

5. Avoid assuming the possibilities as to why your guy has not included you in his holiday plans as this will only disappoint you. You should act cool since there maybe varied reasons as to why you won’t be part of his holiday plans. Maybe he would be on holiday with his family to resolve some existing family issues.

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